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Graphics & Website Design

We are industry leaders inWebsite Design Development and Internet Technologies. We create a world of difference for you at a considerably reasonable cost effective price. A world of, impressive websites with quality results and high end usability. User Interface, layout, Mock up and web template design services.

Website Development

MDG Technologies reaffirms that your website is our business. A well structured website is always instrumental for the consistent growth of the online business world of business. We have been nurturing experts over the years in the overall aspect of complete web development services.

Website Promotion & SEO

MDG Technologies has an expert team in place dedicated to promoting your website and improving the ranking of your site and improving the traffic ranking which is invaluable for the growth and stability of your business. We promote your business by circulating your website in the top five search engines directories like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and MSN.

Web Services

Media Design Group is a team of Professional Website Designers who are highly-qualified specialists in building websites, rebuilding and/or updating your websites for a diverse and demanding clientele. At Media we offer several attractive design and marketing packages to fit almost any budget.

As an Affordable Website Design Company we cater to small as well as large companies.

A static web site has several static pages, which are interconnected. The pages of a static web site are written in HTML. These pages are saved in a server. Each time you need to make a change in the static web pages, the corresponding HTML/XHTML file should be edited and saved.

Today with better technology and the use of dynamic scripts we can upload new data to your site and make precise changes to an interactive site much faster and more productive than ever before. Many companies (especially those having large scale operations on a small scale) may want to begin with a static web site.If you deal with products/services that will remain unchanged over a certain period of time, a static web site will be more suitable for you as it remains unchanged until the next edition comes. Even professionals can use cost-effective static web sites to promote their services. To learn more about how a static web site can help you gain considerable ROI (Return On Investment), thereby making your online business flourish, contact Media Design Group and speak with one of our specialist.

We Are Very Proud of The Work We Do!

Media Design Group provides all aspects of Website Design and Quality Hosting that range from a single web page design to more elaborate multi-page data-base driven e-commerce solutions and shopping carts.

Today, your website and the Internet are the largest interactive tools for Internet advertising & marketing for your business. To expand your business rapidly your presence on the internet is a must.

But having your website presence on the Internet alone is not enough. Your website should be efficient enough to generate more customers for your business. To increase this efficiency and help you get more targeted customers, Media Design Group can now optimize your website in all the major search engine directories that include Google, Yahoo, Msn, Bing, Alta Vista, etc.

Our Specialization



  • CMS and Open Source

    An important to, manage the content of the website. DBN Technologies understands the  provides easy modifications to your WebPages with minimum technical resources. Our CMS  manage to huge data inflow in various forms and formats.

  • XHTML/CSS Slicing

    A significantly important service that has emerged rapidly in a span of few years. We are masters and experts of implementation of PSD to HTML along with customization of themes, designs, templates and skins for PSD to Word press conversion.

  • Mobile Apps: (Android/iOS)

    All you have to do is write your application requirements and we’ll handle the rest. No matter how many users you have, App Engine will scale according to your needs.

  • Servers Administration

    Mail Server, Web Server, Monitoring Server, NAS(Network Access Server), Bandwidth Shaper, VPN, Firewall, Network Failover, Storage Area Network (SAN).

  • Database Administration

    Oracle, Mysql, MS SQL. Real Application Clustering, Performance Tuning, Backup and Recovery, Data Guard Configuration, Monitoring with AWR and ADDM, Storage with ASM, Grid, Resource Management configuration, Health check, Performance Tuning.

  • Mobile Apps: (Android/iOS)

    Examination of the management controls within an Information technology (IT) infrastructure; monitoring and sending recent security alerts to client to help protect the valuable information and data.

What people who have worked with us have to say

“When it comes to creating professional, attractive, and effective websites, there is no company that can surpass NY Web Workers. Thanks to their talent, our site has taken off in the search engines like a rocket. In this day and age, it is impossible to get ahead as a business without the support of gurus like NY Web Workers standing behind you.”

Maxmanc Inc

“Kim and the whole team at Media Technologies have done a fantastic job for our business. Going through a complete website overhaul can be very difficult process, however with Media Technologies organized and disciplined approach we were able to complete our website on time and on budget.”